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- Some photography from your guide, Dan -

"I love taking photos as much as you do. When I'm not on a tour,​ I'll be out traveling or trying to capture as much as I can. My favourite types of photography are landscape and wildlife. Please feel free to comment or share. Any enquires for prints or commercial use, please contact us. Thanks, Dan"

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- Paradise Valley -

This is a classic Paradise Valley photo. Capturing the road, farmland and the mountains. It is a very magical spot with views in every direction you look. 

- Remote Malawi -

I spent 3 months in Africa cycling around with my partner Sophie. Here is a photo I took at sunrise in a remote village in Malawi. We left this hillside town (Dowa) at sunrise and made it to the shore of Lake Malawi by sunset. A big day but one of our favourites! This photo is also one of my favourites of all time...

- School is OUT! -

I took this photo on the same day as the one above. Whenever we cycle past a school, the children would be so excited and run after us. Just after I took this, Sophie stopped and crowds of children surrounded her and showed her their school books. Needless to say, I was surrounded as well which made this shot very hard to get!

- Horseshoe Bend -

An extremely popular spot in Page, Arizona. I wonder why?

- Paradise Sheep -

I took this photo after a day of rain, which created this puddle. Normally dry this is a unique shot that is rarely seen. I was really lucky with the blue sky, sheep and reflection. One of my best and favourite New Zealand shots I've taken to date.

- Cappadocia Composite -

I loved Turkey! We drove the entire length, entering from Bulgaria and exiting at Georgia. This photo is two shots I combined - 1st photo -  our balloon on the ground getting ready for take off. 2nd photo - taken from on the flight. Cappadocia is amazing!

- Tanzania Train -

We caught the train from Mbeya to Dar Es Salaam. The first hour was OK but after that we stopped every couple of hours picking up more people. Each stop lasted about 30mins and there were probably over 10. The trip lasted 25hrs and 44 minutes. It covered 847km with an average speed of just 34kph.

- Bennetts Bluff -

Still one of my favourite spots for landscape photography. High above Lake Wakatipu, looking towards Glenorchy. I took this shot on a morning tour to Glenorchy/Paradise. 

- Namibia Dunes  -

I love Namibia! So much to see and do. You have coastline with shipwrecks, some of the worlds largest sand dunes, Fish River Canyon (worlds second largest) and Etosha National Park for wildlife.  I took this shot of some people walking up 'Big Daddy".

- Mt Earnslaw Fall -

We all love Autumn! Here is shot I took at sunrise with Mt Earnslaw in the background. 

- Mt Alfred, Mt Earnslaw and puddle reflection  -

After something unique? It always pays to look around after some rain. I was able to get this shot from a puddle which doesn't normally exist. 

- Kyrgyzstan Yurt -

We were driving through Kyrgyzstan and needed a place to stay. The friendly locals took us in and gave us a Yurt, food and firewood. In the morning we tried to pay or give them something but the wouldn't take anything. Experiences like this are hard to come by. I took this shot with a timer and a tripod. It's a little soft/blurred but I LOVE it...

- Pamir Highway - Tajikistan and Afghanistan -

One of my favourite road trips would have to be the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan. In this shot, you can see the road we took on the left, out of sight is the Pyandzh River and then the mountains on the right is Afghanistan

- The lucky Chameleon-

Just moments before I spotted this fella, I nearly cycled over a snake crossing the road. The snake was fast and I had no time to react/see it but I was lucky to just miss it. I then came across this Chameleon trying to cross the road. A lot slower, I was able to see it and stop to take some photos. We picked it up and took it off the road to safety. Then I grabbed this shot. Super cool looking creatures! 

- Sunset Fishing in Zanzibar -

A very simplistic photo but there was some planning to do. Before I took this photo, I knew that I wanted to get a silhouette of the fisherman in front of the setting sun. I also wanted to create some depth. I set my aperture to F6 and shutter speed was 1/160. I was about one inch from the water surface, as this was needed to achieve this composition.

- Sunset Elephant -

While in Botswana, we were at a waterhole at sunset waiting and hoping that some animals would appear. Just in time and before the sun slide past the horizon, a herd of Elephants appeared 🐘 I love this photo in particular because of the last light hitting the face!

- New Zealand Huts  -

In the summer, I love cycling and hiking to backcountry huts. There are so many in New Zealand and if you pick and choose at the right time, you can have them all to yourself. Here is a hut where my girlfriend and myself cycled to and stayed overnight. 

- Queenstown in the Winter -

The winter in Queenstown is great for photography as you can get unique shots with a lot of mood/emotion. 

- Zambia -

We found this Lion in South Luangwa National park in Zambia. 

- Bid Daddy Dune -

This is a shot of Big Daddy sand dune in the Sossusvlei area, Namibia. At the very top, you can see a person who has climbed this massive beast. 

- Mongolian Eagle -

I was very excited to go to Mongolia for a few reasons, but I think the Eagles topped the list. Here is a photo I took shortly after we entered via Russia (north/western border).

- This is Russia? -

Russia was a big surprise for me. We stayed away from the main centres and loved every minute of it. I took this photo in the Altai Territory , close to the Kazakstan, Mongolia and China border. In the photo is my friend Petra looking out over the river.

- Namibia Sunrise -

After hiking this sand dune in the Sossusvlei area, I took this panorama of the sunrise. Absolutely worth the effort! 

- Mt Cook Sunrise -

The joys of living in New Zealand. One of the coolest areas for landscape photography. Here is a shot of Mt Cook.

- Roys Peak -

Wanaka is an awesome town, much like Queenstown. This hike has become so popular, especially with social media. It's all about that shot...

- Angus -

On a trip to a club ski field trip in Canterbury, we passed some Angus cattle in the snow. It was extremely hard to capture as the snow flakes were falling fast large. Here is a tight shot I grabbed at 400mm.

- Nevis Valley -

Another great example of a road cutting through the landscape. Here is one in the Nevis Valley, New Zealand.

- Walking in Zambia -

We had to have a guide with a gun as we walked in South Luangwa National park. I love the depth with this shot and it's exactly how I envisioned it before taking the shot.

- New Zealand Landscape -

The backcountry roads in New Zealand have incredible views and it makes it hard to get anywhere (if you're a photographer).

- Land of the Long White Cloud -

The Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa. Although the original meaning is unknown, the popular meaning for Aotearoa is "long white cloud". The word can be broken up as: ao = cloud, dawn, daytime or world, tea = white, clear or bright and roa = long. Here is a shot I took high above the clouds on a winters morning is Otago.

- That Tree -

New Zealand's iconic tree that draws the crowds all year round. 

- Pisa Mountain Range, Otago -

Living in Queenstown is amazing, but sometimes it's nice to escape the hustle for the surrounding mountains. Here is my partner Sophie, hiking up for some fresh tracks. 

- Mountain Sunset -

Sunsets in the mountains can provide you with some spectacular light. I was lucky for the clouds to give me a gap. I only had about five minutes of shooting before the clouds rolled in. 

- Sheep -

Sunset in the Mackenzie District. 


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