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I'm not a photographer, do you still cater to me?

Yes, absolutely. Even if you have no desire to learn what manual controls are, we can take you to the best spots for you to get a quick snap, and can give you feedback (if you wish) on how to improve the image so you can wow your friends and family when you return! Or just come along and enjoy the scenery. It's not mandatory to take photos.

What is the maximum number of people per tour?

Three is the maximum per tour. All tours with more than one person are automatically made private. This means any couples/group who make a booking will have a private tour. We pride ourselves on our personable approach and we can only achieve this with lower numbers on our tours.​

Does it cost anything to hire your equipment?

No, all our equipment can be used at no cost, just let us know if you would like to use anything.

If I do borrow a camera, how do I get my photos?

You can bring your own SD memory card but make sure it is empty as we will format it on our camera at the beginning of the day. Otherwise, we can send you them via DropBox for free. 

I'm not a good photographer, does that matter?

No, not at all. We have many people come on a tour with a phone or point and shoot camera. Our tours are very scenic and if you do want a hand with photography, we can give you simple tips. 

Do you offer scenic tours?

Yes. Our guides can also take some photos of you.

What do I need to bring?

Sturdy footwear, warm clothing and/or sunscreen are recommended. We have insect repellant spray on board should those pesky sandflies get out of control. IMPORTANT - make sure your camera batteries are charged and you have plenty of memory cards available.

What are the age restrictions?

Children under 16 must travel with a paying adult. The minimum age for our tours is 8.

What about the weather? Does it matter?

If the weather looks bad and rain is forecasted, we will be in touch regarding a reschedule or a refund will be given if we have to cancel. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the weather will be good and photos taken will vary tour to tour. Please visit our terms for more info.

How Long does it take to drive to Glenorchy from Queenstown?

The drive takes around 50 mins. More info about the Glenorchy tour can be found here.

What online booking system do you use?

We use one of New Zealand's leading booking systems 'Bookit'.

BookIt has over a decade of experience handling online bookings for the New Zealand tourism industry. We are a New Zealand based team, and we are proud to work with over 3,500 tourism businesses nationwide.

Please visit our Terms and Conditions here.


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